• Wednesday, October 22, 2014
    Wellesley College professor and current Tenacre parent Dan Chiasson visited the third grade classroom today to talk about poetry, which the third graders are currently studying. After talking about poetry, Chiasson gave each student a card with two dissimilar words on it. Some examples include geese/song, toothbrush/sad, and dented/milk. Their task? To create a poem making a connection between the words. After finishing the poems, students were given the option of reading their poems aloud to the class.
  • Monday, October 20, 2014
    Kathryn Otoshi, the acclaimed children’s author of “Zero,” “One,” and “Two,” visited Tenacre this morning to share her stories with every Tenacre student. Otoshi talked about important messages of tolerance, bullying, and standing up for yourself and others during her talks with students.
  • Friday, October 17, 2014
    Fourth graders performed their play this morning, loosely based on the book, "Market Day," by Eve Bunting. In Ireland, Market Day happens once a month, and it is as much a social event as a shopping one. Tess and Finn are excited to go, and try to figure out how they will spend their Market Day penny. Along the way, they see some sheep, a rambunctious dog, a horse, the lace woman, and more. Will they see Madame Savannah, the fortune teller? If so, what will she tell Finn about whether he will grow taller?
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